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Fire Compartimentation and FSS International

Every year around 18,000 fires occur in the Netherlands, causing substantial damage. Each year, more than 1000 injured and 70 deaths fall. The financial loss is between 750 million and 1 billion euro. Fire protection therefore earned the full attention.

An integral part of fire protection concerns fire compartmentalization. A fire compartment applies as the maximum expansion range of a fire. Depending on the usage function of a building, the maximum size of fire compartments is determined. Requirements in this area are laid down in the Dutch Building Decree.

A building can consist of multiple fire compartments. These are realized by constructing fireproof walls, floors and ceilings. Windows, doors, ventilation grates and passages of various technical installations form weak spots in the fire-resistant separation structures. To solve this problem, measures must be taken to maintain the fire resistance of the entire structure. For example, fire protection windows, doors and ventilation grates must be provided and technical installations must be carried out with fire resistant products. These must prevent fire passages through transit. The products to be used must be tested for their fire resistance. These must be demonstrably compliant with the classification requirement for the particular application. Within Europe, these products must be tested and / or assessed by a European accredited institute such as Efectis, Peutz, Warrington or Applus.

FireStopSystems International has a wide range of fireproof products for fire compartmentalization. Initially, this is a unique program of fire-fighting ventilation grids. Each specially designed for applications in interior and exterior doors and walls, floors, frames and placement directly on glass.

FireStopSystems International first launched a proprietary fireproof glass ventilation grille in the market in 2009. In 2012, she was the first on the market with a fire resistant grid that could be used as an alternative to a mechanical fire valve in air ducts. The fire protection grids find their application in a wide variety of buildings such as schools, care homes, data centers, transformer stations, parking garages, chemical storage bunkers and apartments.

Nowadays, FireStopSystems International also offers a comprehensive program of sealing products for installation feeds, fire vent valves and various fire and smoke-proof door profiles as well as acoustic insulating door profiles.

The technical know-how, flexible customer-oriented setting and short delivery times make FSS International your outstanding partner in fire compartmentalization.

We take fire safety seriously. For every situation we offer the right solution. To this end we seek cooperation with experts within our network. FSS International sells its products largely through a dealer network that can deliver our products as part of a total concept. Our dealers can always support the knowledge from our organization.

Many of our products can be delivered quickly from stock. We work with our own courier so that if supplies can be delivered even the same day.