Fire Resistant Solutions

Fire-fired ventilation grills from FSS International find application in the new Deventer Town Hall

The new building of the town hall quarter in Deventer city center has recently been completed. FSS International provided a number of very special fire-proof ventilation grids for this project.

The LVH54 louvers function as static flap valves in ventilation ducts to prevent overfilling of fire via ventilation ducts.

FSS International’s fire protection grille type LVH54 has been developed as an alternative to a mechanical fire valve that is used in a ventilation duct at the site of a fire-resistant partition. The type LVH54 is a fire-resistant ventilation grille (or static fire valve) that is produced in dimensions of 60 × 60 mm to 600 × 600 mm in 1 mm increments. It is the first and only fire resistant grid that is suitable for use in a ventilation duct.

The major advantage of the fire-resistant lattice type LVH54 with respect to a fire damper is that it has a small mounting depth of 54 mm, lightweight and easy to install. Also, the fire-resistant lattice LVH54 need not be periodically inspected. This because the grid contains no moving parts.