Fire Resistant Solutions

LVH44-G Fire Resistant Ventilation

FSS International’s fire-extinguishing fan grating LVH44-G is specially designed for placement directly on fire-resistant glass in facades which must be fire-resistant. This fire-resistant ventilation grille has been developed by FSS International. The LVH44-G fire-resistant ventilation grille was successfully tested in the Laboratory of Warrington Fire Gent on October 26, 2009. With this, FSS International was the first supplier of a certified fire resistant ventilation grille for installation directly on fire-resistant glass.

Depending on the nature, size and location of a building, certain façades may need to be flammable. This is to prevent fire from passing through the facade to adjacent or upper spaces. Fire resistance requirements for the façade may also apply to the risk of fire transfer to adjacent buildings. Fireproof glass is then used in windows. If the window is also ventilated, the ventilation grille must also be flammable.

FSS International’s LVH44-G fire-fired ventilation grille is 45 minutes fire resistant in combination with Pyrobelite 12 fireproof glass from AGC, placed in a wooden frame.