Fire Resistant Solutions

LVH44 Fire Resistant Ventilation

LVH44 Fire Resistant Ventilation

FSS International’s fire extinguishing foaming lattice type LVH44 is an excellent solution to perform ventilation gratings in a fire-resistant wall or door fireproof.

If walls and floors are to be flammable, this also applies to any ventilation grills.

The most common fire-resistant grids are only suitable for use in fire-resistant inner walls and interior doors. This is because of the fire-foaming lamellae which usually have a sodium silicate-based filling. This material reacts with moisture, which may adversely affect the fire resistance.

The fire-resistant foaming lattice type LVH44 is different from other fire-resistant lattices. This type of ventilation grille is also suitable for use in fire extinguishers and outside doors in addition to in constructions. FSS International’s LVH44 fire protection grids consist of a thermal-decoupled steel frame with lamellae filled with a foamy material based on graphite. In contrast to sodium silicate, this fire-resistant material does not react with moisture and can therefore be used without problems in fire extinguishers. Another advantage of this type of fire protection grids is that they can be produced in any desired size, per millimeter increment. The LVH44 fire protection grids are used in a variety of situations, such as data centers and transformer rooms

When the temperature rises above 160 degrees Celsius, the fire-resistant material is activated by a chemical reaction. This causes the material to foam and this ensures that the ventilation opening is sealed with fire. FSS International’s fire protection grille type LVH44 has a thickness of 44 mm. The free air pass of LVH44 fire protection grids is approximately 70% of the gross grid surface.

The fire-resistant lattice type LVH44 has been tested according to European standard EN 1634-1 and contributes to a fire resistance of up to 120 minutes depending on the total construction.

The maximum dimensions are as follows:

According to EN 1634-1: Classification EI-120, Tested Size 600 x 600 mm (up to 1 meter above the floor)

According to NEN6069: Classification EW-60, maximum dimension 1200 x 2400 mm