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LVH54 Fire Resistant Ventilation

LVH54 Fire Resistant Ventilation

In the event of the passage of ventilation ducts through fire-resistant walls and floors, provision must be made to maintain the fire resistance at that location. Transmission into fire-resistant partitions creates a weakness in the fire compartment. Fixing a fire damper resolves this issue . A traditional mechanical fire damper is usually heavy and takes up a lot of space. Also, an inspection must be carried out periodically to determine whether the fire valve is still functioning properly.

The FSS International LVH54 firefighting grid has been developed as an alternative to a mechanical fire valve that is used in a ventilation duct at the site of a fire resistant partition. The type LVH54 is a fire-resistant ventilation grille (or static fire valve), which can be produced in dimensions of 60x60mm to 600x600mm in 1mm increments. It is the first and only fire resistant grid that is suitable for use in a ventilation duct.

The large advantage of the fire protection grille type LVH54 relative to a fire damper is that it has a small 54 mm insertion depth , is lightweight and easy to install. Also, the fire-resistant lattice LVH54 need not be periodically inspected. This because the grid contains no moving parts.

FSS International’s LVH54 fire protection grid consists of a thermal disconnected steel frame with stainless steel foil filled with a foamy material based on graphite. When the temperature rises above 160 degrees Celsius, the fire-resistant material is activated by a chemical reaction. This causes the material to foam and this ensures that the ventilation opening is sealed with fire. FSS International’s fire-resistant lattice type LVH54 has a thickness of 54 mm. The free air pass of the LVH54 lattice is approximately 70% of the gross lattice area.

The fire resistant lattice type LVH54 has been tested according to the international standard ISO 10294-5 and contributes to a fire resistance of up to 30 minutes depending on the overall construction if the I criterion is to be met (thermal insulation with respect to To the temperature measured directly on the non-flammable surface). If the W criterion (heat radiation) can suffice, the LVH54 fire protection grid will be fire resistant for 260 minutes.

By Efectis Netherlands , FSS International has issued a certificate of equivalence for the LVH54 fire protection grid against mechanical fire valves as tested in accordance with European Standard EN 1366-2