Fire Resistant Solutions

LVV40 Fire Resistant Ventilation

LVV40 Fire Resistant Ventilation

The FSS International Fire Extinguishing Foam Type LVV40 has been developed to also conduct fire fighting fire extinguishers.

If a wall or floor is to be flammable, it also applies to any ventilation gratings.

The fire-resistant foaming lattice type LVV40 is not suitable for use in outdoor and exterior doors. For this situation we offer fire protection gratings of type LVH44 or LVH50.

The fire-resistant foaming lattice type LVV40 is a fire-resistant ventilation grille that is manufactured in dimensions of 100x100mm to 600x600mm in 25mm increments.

FSS International’s fire protection grid LVV40 consists of a frame and slats made of plastic sleeves filled with a palusol foaming material based on sodium silicate. When the temperature rises above 100 degrees Celsius, the fire-resistant material is activated by a chemical reaction. This causes the material to foam and this causes the ventilation opening to be closed fireproof. FSS International’s fire protection grille type LVV40 has a thickness of 40 mm and therefore fits most fire-resistant doors.

The free air pass of the LVV40 grid is approximately 70% of the gross grid surface.

The fire-resistant lattice type LVV40 is tested according to European Standard EN 1634-1 and contributes to a fire resistance of up to 120 minutes depending on the total construction.